About Momentum-Dev & Admins
Momentum-Dev is a group by Anbar48 (u/Anbar48) and Cipher (u/electimon) that develops for legacy iOS devices, and tries to improve their legacy iOS experiences. Momentum-Dev was formed when Anbar48 and Cipher both joined a forum related to Legacy iDevices but was closed down and handed to us. Check out our new YouTube channel, at this link.

About Anbar48
Anbar48 is Reddit user... well u/Anbar48 and the admin of the Momentum-Dev Forum and owner of his YouTube Channel which can be visited here.

About Cipher
Cipher has a active reddit account at u/electimon and a twitter @linuxskid. He has 2 iPhone 4[s] and 1 iPhone 4. One of the 4s phones are his main phone while the other is icloud locked. The 4 has a broken wifi chip. He loves skeuomorphism (thus iOS 6 - 1) so he makes utilities to make his and your life easier on these firmwares. You can reach him at cipher@mtmdev.org or linuxskid@gmail.com.
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