Ipwndfu Guide!

Ipwndfu Guide Requirements! A 3GS in DFU restored using a 24kpwn ipsw. A computer capable of running linux or virtualizing it. Lets say you just got your brand (used) new iPhone 3GS. You notice its on iOS 6.1.6. You get mad. You hit it. You reevaluate your life. You accept your fate. You start researching

iOS 1.1.1 Jailbreak

The only available jailbreaks for iOS 1.1.1 are Appsnapp (tiff exploit), Touchfree (another tiff exploit) and the Touchfree desktop client. The problem with this is that the server for the appsnapp is down and touchfree is just essentially appsnapp and vice versa. So lets make our own! :))) If you are lazy just visit jbme.tk


iTools has been an awesome program for sorting iOS apps. It can sort by required iOS version and category. Here’s a list of it’s features Easy to use interface Can sort by required iOS version Shows if the app is encrypted with fairplay or not Sorts by iPad and iPhone apps If you have