Momentum-Dev Website

Welcome to the Momentum-Dev Website, the home of the Momentum Store, and other projects!

Momentum-Dev Forum

Momentum-Dev Forum. Here, we have a forum where you can discuss a wide array of topics, such as Legacy iOS and Legacy Mac devices. Additionally, this is where you can share apps to be added to our Momentum Store. This can be accessed at ""

Momentum Store

The Momentum Store is a collection of .ipa files for use with Legacy iOS devices. The goal of this project is to provide a repository of old versions of popular apps, so that your old iPhone, iPads, and iPods can be useful again. This can be accessed at ""

Momentum Installer Webapp

The Momentum Installer is an online installer for the Momentum-Store. It is currently in a Prerelease stage, and only the iOS 4, 5 & 6 pages work. If used on an iOS device, and added to the homescreen as a bookmark, the site will function as an application. The webapp only works properly on iOS devices, and you must have AppSync installed, or the site will not work. This can be accessed at ""

Cydia Repository

We have a cydia repo, with a few packages right now. The repo is focused on legacy iOS devices as well. This can be accessed at: ""