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    DISCLAIMER: Puffin Cloud Browser is NOT a web browser.

    Puffin Cloud Browser is the client app that accesses the cloud server which runs the web browser. The Puffin client app and the Puffin cloud server do not communicate in HTTP protocol and the data exchange is not in HTML format. The Puffin client app is like the remote desktop client and the Puffin cloud server is like the remote desktop server. Puffin Cloud Browser gives the audience the illusion of a web browser but it is not, in reality, a web browser. Puffin Cloud Browser can only "display" the web content rendered on the cloud servers but can't "render" the web content itself on the client devices.

    ==== Differentiating Features ====

    * Browser Isolation

    * Cloud Acceleration

    * Data Saving

    * Download to Cloud

    * Flash Game

    * Full Desktop Mode

    * Internet Access Protection

    * Virtual Gamepad/Mouse/Trackpad

    ==== Important Limitations ====

    * Only works on websites that are publicly accessible from the US

    -- Does not work for private IP, corporate Intranet, and geo-restricted websites

    * Only works in countries that are not excessive in censorship

    -- Does not work in China and Saudi Arabia

    * For some websites, Puffin server IP addresses need to be white-listed

    -- Puffin can bring an excessive load to some websites

    Minimum OS iOS 5.0

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