Old/Deleted Talking Friends Apps

Alex iOS 7

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Does someone have one of these deleted apps/ipas:

Talking Gina (for iPad or iPhone if you want)
Talking Harry (for iPad)
Talking Bacteria John, John and John (for iPad or iPhone if you want)


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i want bacteria john & harry because gina is already in my ipa collection & also ben news but i don't have the old version of ugly talking tom from 2012

Alex iOS 7

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Whats in your collection of talking friends ironman
On my Apple ID: Tom Messenger, Larry for iPhone, Baby Hippo for iPad, Old Tom Jetski, Talking Friends Cartoons, I want to be big, Talking Friends Superstar.

Not on my Apple ID: Talking Roby, Talking John, Talking Gina, Talking Harry etc...


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Can I please have Tom's messenger and Talking Friends Cartoons and I want to be big I really need it thanks. My collection is John Roby gina Harry Rex Hippo and Lila and Larry
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