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    Well June this year I will be sixty never really interested in phones just call someone that's it well now I love jail breaking and working my way back I am running a iPhone 5s on iOS 9 can't beat it . The reason I took a interest was about 8 years ago my sons iPhone 4s battery needed replaced yes I went to the local Asian guy yip £80 later a ruined iPhone he had broke the conecter to the battery I never had a clue at the time but got it back worked couple of hours early and dead yes he told me it worked when I gave you it . REVENGE MY MOTO IS DONT GET ANGRY GET EVEN . I was showing the mess by someone else so to cut the story I spent all my spare time and good bit of money learning all about iPhones so now I stand at his barrel in a shopping centre and everyone knows now I will only charge for parts and if it's a reset nothing well he shut about 2 years ago I got loads of therets but I am no pushover from him and friends cople of fights but I won yes and we have a new person running it he knows not to take the piss and me still do it for mates but now enjoying jail breaking . B3 RFC my car reg RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST And British proud of it God save the queen from a small state of Britain called SCOTLAND . YES WE VOTED TO REMAIN BRITISH AND ME GET US OUT OF EUROPE A.S.A.P .