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    Have you ever downloaded/installed legacy applications only to find out that they are locked to an iTunes account?

    This due to sharing encrypted ipa files, or backups from iTunes/IPA installer. In order to share your legacy apps so that others may install them on their jailbroken iDevice, you need to properly "crack" them, or more precisely decrypt them.

    There are two main tools for doing this right from your device: Rasticrac and Clutch. Current releases for both have abandoned legacy support, but fortunately, Clutch is open-sourced and document releases.

    Note about Rasticrac: According to the internet this tool is supposed to be the best for decryption, but since it is closed source the only way to install it is through the appcake repo which installs many iOS 8 dependencies and does not work from my testing.
    Moderator edit (3/16/20): Rasticrac is available for download on the Momentum Dev Repo (

    Requirements: MobileTerminal, Clutch, iFile

    If you are on iOS 6 or below head over to the github release page. The last stable release is 1.4.6 which still supports legacy versions (For iOS 5 and below I believe 1.4.3 works the best, but I do not have a device to test).

    If you are iOS you need safari download manager or a downloader application. Just click on the Clutch-1.4.6 link. It should automatically download, and should not have an extension.

    Navigate to where you downloaded the file:
    Photo Dec 15, 9 50 45 PM.png

    To edit properties click on the blue arrow next to the file name. Feel free to change its name to something shorter as you will be typing it in MobileTerminal a lot. Also make sure all properties are set to executable:
    Photo Dec 15, 9 51 30 PM.png Photo Dec 15, 9 51 12 PM.png

    Move this file to "/usr/bin/"
    You should see a bunch of other extensionless files.
    Photo Dec 15, 9 59 16 PM.png

    Now we can begin decrypting!

    For this tutorial I will be cracking MangaReader, a free app removed by Apple a few years ago.
    Photo Dec 15, 10 02 28 PM.png

    Open the MobileTerminal application and type:
    su root

    This gives you root privileges so you need to input your password (you wont see it being typed). The default password is
    It is highly recommended that you change your root password. To do this type
    (It should be memorable and not complicated just not the default)

    Next type
    clutch -C
    or whatever you named the file followed by a capital "C" to configure clutch.
    Photo Dec 15, 10 04 43 PM.png

    To keep the default configuration value listed just hit return. For the direction to place IPA's just hit enter, custom directories are very buggy. I suggest to use a number based system. For the email you can enter anything you want.

    Important: Use native zipping, otherwise you get an error.

    Once you are done, just type
    (or whatever you named your file. You should see a numbered list off your non-cracked applications:
    Photo Dec 15, 10 17 29 PM.png

    Slide on the right side of the screen to scroll up or down.

    To crack and app type
    (or file name) followed by the number of the application. So for me
    clutch 16
    Photo Dec 15, 10 19 38 PM.png Photo Dec 15, 10 20 34 PM.png

    Once it is done you should see the cracked ipa file in the designated directory.

    That's all! :) I hope this tutorial was clear enough. Please share you apps and enjoy cracked apps from others!

    Note: The apps you're cracking must be tied to your appleid or else you will get a error.
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    Added that note just in case
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    how do i backup my apps on my iphone 4?
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    Rasticrac is not closed source! it's just a script that uses dumpdecrypted to decrypt binaries. you can view/edit script with text editor.
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    Does anyone know why is this happening?
    I followed the steps correctly on my iPod 4 (iOS 5).
    It was working fine before, but I factory reset my device and redid everything and this kept happening.
    Please Help.

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    Thanks so much for this

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