Untested Bitdingo Anonyma (4chan client) 1.0 and 1.2.1


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Well this upload is rather uneventful. After I took a break from the legacy ios scene apparently a team on archive.org was able to come across not only the cracked copy that artypig78 created (1.2.1) but the first release 1.0. This app definitely works as I tested both 7chan and 4chan however the whole experience is not a walk in the park and depending on which sites you load up this may even be considered unusuable. Heres the rundown.

1.In order to run the app on first startup you need to turn on airplane mode to skip the app checking for what is basically an online site.
2.On the top right you can add an imageboard of your choice, in my case as mentioned above, 4chan and 7chan respectively.
3.Once entered you can click on them and add a NON NSFW or pre 2011 board. Newer ones seem to throw up an error. I think boards like b or pol were disabled in order to skip the treatment that chan elite or /b/tard got at the time.

*Proper scraping of sites. I think I was able to get as far as the boards because I used the http to https proxy found here: http://muellers-software.org/ however at least with 7chan and 4chan the app could be considered actually usable if threads would load and the results weren't blank.
*Understanding of sandboxed files encoding. This is perhaps the most important as right now without understanding the encoding all the config/data files look like gibberish to a non-programmer. Once the encoding is recognized more obscure imageboards could be added (that may not even need configuring to the scraping settings) and maybe even nsfw boards.

Again with what is given if nothing is done at least enjoy a way people could browse 4chan in the late 2000s and early 2010s