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It's not a 32-bit app, it was an updated app

Version Compatible: iOS 5.1.1 and up

Version: 1.2

Language: Chinese

Price: FREE!

if you installed this app, you can upload talking nicky collection by Cloudburst Games, LLC ipa files.

Don't be angry!

About this Game:

The happy note elf is here!

The cutest note, the dance moves that children can learn immediately, can also beat drums, talk, yawn, stretch, come and be friends with him!

Happy titi's fairy magic:

*Listen to your child before speaking, record your child's voice and listen to it again anytime.

*Swing left and right with the music, and maybe turn around in circles, the movements are comparable to professional dancers!

*If you ignore him, he will still yawn and stretch.

*Touch his different parts, each part will give you a surprise response!

*He can play many kinds of musical instruments, and he is a real note elf. This time, he will first demonstrate the tambourine, waist drum, maraca and wrist bell! They are the most suitable percussion instruments for children to play. Let your children become music elves by moving along with the music elves!
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