Working (Unverified) 17 apps - iOS8.4 (12H143)

Discussion in 'Unknown iOS' started by whiteelephant, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Dec 9, 2017
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    Those linked are due to this forum erroring on upload. (these apps are currently tested on my 8.4)
    1. Angry_Birds_v5.2.0
    2. ArkMC Pro DNLA (v1.8.6 v1.8.610 LP os71)
    3. Cadrage Director's Viewfinder(v1.5.1 v2)
    4. Desert Golfing(v1.11)
    5. Easy Translation1.3
    6. English-French dictionary2.2
    7. Equalizer Pro_v1.9.2
    8. Flow_Free_Bridges_v2.1
    9. iTeleport Remote Desktop VNC RDP (v6.2.9)
    10. MONOPOLY_v1.2.63
    11. MovieSlate Clapperboard Shot Log (v7.8 v7800.rc321)
    12. Photon Flash (v6.2 3GS LP os511)
    13. RadioApp A simple radio(v1.0.39)
    14. Sleepy Fan(v2.1.1 Univ os70)-Widow.rc333_902
    15. Table_Tennis_Touchv1.1.1009
    16. Ventrilode-v3.0LPos70Widow.rc318 (ventrilo)
    17. Waze Social GPS Maps Traffic(v3.9.0)310-881-4221
    18. Waze Social GPS Maps Traffic(v3.9.6.1) - untested

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